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Sure, the government might be a little busy staving off World War III and figuring out a way for us not to have to sell our internal organs just to fill our gas tanks, but this garbage needs to be addressed. Priorities are priorities.
Okoro is running towards the hoop with his hands up, Cade Cunningham clearly slips, and somehow that’s a foul? Is Cade Cunningham getting superstar calls already?! Evan Mobley gets tossed around more than Brittany Renner at a team hotel and he never gets cheap calls. And he’s the best rookie by a mile.’s own rookie ladder rankings have Cade 4th. Meanwhile Scottie Barnes, Mobley’s supposed closest ROY competition, headed to All-Star weekend only to embarrass himself and his team by missing four bunny’s in the Clorox Clutch Challenge. Do you see a difference between his shot and Big Cat’s because I sure don’t?

And then JB Bickerstaff decides not to challenge the call because….well I honestly have no clue. He followed that gem up by not having Kevin Love or Cedi Osman on the court for the final moments when they needed a 3 pointer to tie. Horrible timing for a legit coach of the year candidate to have his first big blunders of the season.
Normally a Thursday night loss against a Detroit team 32 games under .500 could be written off as a hangover from the All-Star break. A long weekend of hard liquor, groupies, and partying with Guy Fieri will get you every time. But the Cavs can’t afford to be dropping these games.
Darius Garland’s back is still fucked and now the guy they brought in to help carry some of the ball handling workload, Caris LeVert, is out 1-2 weeks with a foot sprain after stepping on a teammate at practice.
If these injuries linger the Cavs will be hard-pressed to find scoring in their toughest stretch of the season. In their next 16 games they play the Bulls twice, the Sixers twice, the Raptors twice, the Lakers and the Timberwolves. Fuck me running.
These next two weeks could deal one hell of a blow to the #hornyforcavs movement.

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