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Huge project in San Antonio will become world leading
The San Antonio Spurs are convinced that their future in the Texan city involves developing a “quarry” that will become a world leading centre for sports medicine and science thanks to investment worth more than 500 million dollars.
The Rock at La Cantera complex, which was unveiled on November 18 by Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E), the company that owns the NBA‘s Spurs and teams in other sports, will be built in phases in an area northwest of San Antonio known as La Cantera.
The centre’s name is inspired by Jacob Riis, a Danish-born social reformer who devoted part of his life to helping the poorest migrants arriving in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Riis likened the work ethic to the labour of “hammering a stone”. For the Spurs, that image best represents their definition of success: not as a listing of wins and losses but as “sustained commitment to daily incremental improvements”.
SS&E believe that the 511 million dollar investment required to bring The Rock at La Cantera to fruition will have “a transformative impact” on the community and turn the campus into an international sports medicine centre.
The centrepiece of the massive complex, which will cover a total of 182,000 square metres, will be the Human Performance Research Centre.
The centre will research all aspects of an athlete’s physical performance, from technical development and training, nutrition, psychological health, neurological capacity, technology and even spirituality while also treating sports injuries.
SS&E said in a statement that the Human Performance Research Centre will develop “leaders and best practices in expertise in all aspects of human performance” under the guidance of Dr. Andy Walshe, a world expert in the field of elite athlete performance.
Walshe stated that “the human being is one of the most complex systems in the universe” and that new technologies are beginning to uncover “what really makes elite people operate at peak performance”.
Walshe anticipated that in the next 10 to 20 years, things will be discovered that cannot even be imagined today, and that “that’s the most exciting part of this campus: it will be a focal point for that kind of community and that kind of thinking.
Along with the research centre, a Spurs performance centre will be built, with state-of-the-art technologies, office space, residences and medical clinics, restaurants and a plaza for public events.
In total, The Rock at La Cantera will have a built-up area of 46,400 square metres. In addition, the complex will feature an 89,000-square-metre park that will include the largest dog park in San Antonio and will connect to several natural areas in the region.
To build the complex, the Spurs have partnered with real estate firm USAA Real State.
The Rock at La Cantera campus is part of a 4.8 kilometre community that the developer has planned for northwest San Antonio.
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