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Looking for serial killer thrillers and criminal investigations? Here are some options!
Dissecting a serial killer’s train of thought can be challenging but viewers surely appreciated watching Criminal Minds to somewhat understand their profile. For nearly 15 years, the procedural CBS hit was able to mix crime investigations with intriguing characters within the FBI team. While they worked together to solve cases, each member of the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) had their own personal struggle that complemented the plot as a whole. Criminal Minds also became the predecessor of many other behavioral analysis shows. Once you have completed the long run of sitting down on the couch and being mind blown by all the twisted cases darted your way, you might be wondering what to watch next. Or more precisely, what other shows out there have the same mysterious and twisted nature.
From serial killers taking centerstage to other mind mapping investigations, here is a list of recommendations for Criminal Minds’ fans looking for another series to keep them on the edge of their seat.
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After a serial killer murders his family in cold blood, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) sets aside his personal consultant role and joins the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) team. Used to observing clients through his somewhat “psychic” expertise, Patrick helps to solve numerous crimes. However, he always keeps an eye at the possibility of finding and taking revenge against “Red John”, the man responsible for his family’s death.
Even though Criminal Minds has a scientific-based approach to identifying serial killers and detaining them, The Mentalist is driven by interesting cases and Patrick’s sarcastic, yet amusing observation techniques.
Also revolving around behavioral analysis, Lie to Me uncovers lies based solely on body language. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is the world’s leading deception detection expert and alongside his team, they assist on investigations by looking intently at the subjects. After all, what might seem like a tick or an anxiety burst may be an indicator that someone has something to hide.
Like Criminal Minds, Lightman and his peers are watching out for any details that can lead to the murderer at hand. Viewers will also inevitably become instigated by their psychological intakes and their personal lives, especially when it comes to relationships within the workplace.
You might be familiar with the title character thanks to Silence of the Lambs, starring Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins. However, don’t undermine the TV adaption of this terrifying tale. In it, we see Mads Mikkelsen stepping into the shoes of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. While Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is invested in finding out the identity of a cannibal serial killer on the loose, he sympathizes with Lecter. Little does he know that he is befriending the enemy.
Although we do get the perspective of the criminal profiler in charge of the case, viewers are more aware of Lecter’s involvement than the police. This fact will not only disturb audiences as they watch the psychiatrist marinate human flesh, chef-style, but also keep them intrigued by his complex personality.
Hannibal Lecter might be a fascinating villain but prepare yourselves for the fashionista-meets-Russia-villainess known as Villanelle (Jodie Comer). She is a skilled murderer with a twisted mindset that not only makes her incredibly repulsive on one end, but undeniably interesting on the other. Spy Eve Pollastri (Sandra Oh) becomes so mesmerized by Villanelle that the whole situation seems like Tom and Jerry with a femme fatale twist. Pollastri oversees an investigation against Villanelle, but in various moments, she seems to not recall the purpose of her mission.
Unlike Criminal Minds, Killing Eve isn’t a procedural show since it is focused on one serial killer. Yet, it is still a puzzling experience where you get to pay attention to one specific murderer for episodes on end. Plus, the two lead actresses showcase plenty of talent in their portrayals.
Before the team in Criminal Minds had the chance to determine who the serial killer is, there were FBI agents in the late 70s who came up with the term “serial killer” in the first place. Netflix original Mindhunter revolves around Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), two FBI investigators who study the mindset of serial killers, in order to put them behind bars. While they look attentively at the murders to track down any similarities or the probable intent behind the crime, they develop what we know today as criminal profiling.
The series was created by none other than David Fincher. If you have seen Seven, then you should know that this is a genre the director has mastered.
Let us return to the procedural recommendations. Castle is another option to add to your watchlist if you are interested in serial killers who are inspired by crime novels. In this series, a murderer re-enacts the events that are present in Richard Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) bestselling books. In an attempt to arrest the assassin before another victim suffers the consequences, the NYPD allows the author to join the investigation and predict what the murderer will do next.
Although Castle can be a playboy most of the time, his chemistry with Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is unquestionable. The episodes are so compelling that it might be hard to keep yourself from pressing play.
Moving away from criminal profiling and heading back to the teamwork that drives Criminal Minds, the last pick on the list also includes a skilled team trying to solve murders. NCIS has been airing since 2003, with many of the same actors still in the principal cast. In this series, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is the lead of the group in charge of solving the cases at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Washington, D.C.
Like Criminal Minds, if you are looking for a show to maybe watch one episode or another when it pops up on TV and still have a good time, this is an ideal option. The cases are solved within the span of an episode and they will keep you emotionally and mentally invested.
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