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There were a lot of memorable cases on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but if fans had to choose, these ones would have to be their favorites.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fun show to watch not just because of the humor involved, but the cases and investigations that thrill the viewers. Holt’s and Terry’s experience, Amy’s and Charles’s perseverance, Rosa’s sharpness, and Jake’s intuitions have all given the viewers some very thrilling investigations.
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The show deals with crimes ranging from vandalism to cannibalism. There have been many instances where the detectives went beyond professional boundaries in investigations to help their friends or loved ones. However, these have proven to be the most memorable cases.
Charles met the love of his life, Genevieve, at a court where she was sent to prison soon after for robbing her art gallery. Jake and Charles set out to prove her innocence but failed initially.
However, Jake didn’t give up and found out that her boyfriend’s assistant, Dvora, framed Genevieve as she was in love with him. Jake researched and found out Genevieve’s alibi. He also reasoned out how Dvora used latex cast for fingerprints to access the art gallery. Since this case, Charles and Genevieve have been in a very loving and committed relationship, happily raising their son, Nikolaj, together.
In episode 17 of season 6, a serial killer is out on the loose after killing three young men. Jake consulted his cannibal friend, Caleb, at the jail to get some clues about the killer.
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The officers deduced that the killings were made to steal the heart for an organ transplant, which led to them suspecting the Rinaldi family. It was found that Rinaldi had used his trigger-man to procure the hearts of people. While there are some aspects of the episode that don’t make sense completely, many fans thought the creators did well to hold the mystery till the end.
Since the first episode, the show started getting wide appreciation from the viewers for its unique humor and thrilling investigations. In the pilot, the whole precinct was working on the murder of Morgenthau, a luxury food importer.
Jake and Charles realized that the only thing stolen was a ham worth six thousand dollars and tracked down the killer Ratko, a butcher. But Ratko escaped, and Jake was punished with record room duty. Instead of giving up, Jake found more leads about the killer from past records and tracked him down with Holt and Amy.
This episode is one of the fan favorites as it has a clip where Holt christens himself Velvet Thunder and takes part in the codename-play Jake and Charles started. As fans remember, Jake and Charles investigate an old bank robbery where the money was never recovered. Once four of the accused were released from prison, two of them were murdered.
The officers questioned Bludsoe, the third convict, who claimed that he was threatened by the other person. Although the officers were tricked by this ploy made by Bludsoe to escape, Holt and Jake deduced that Bludsoe is hiding at the coffee shop with 21 million dollars and flew there in the chopper, arresting him immediately.
In episode 6 of season 6, Jake promised the mother of a victim that he would find out the killer of her son. However, he kept reaching a dead end. Eventually, the case was passed on to Major Crimes but didn’t give any promising result.
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Later, Jake and Rosa figured out the mystery behind the case as to why the footage didn’t show anyone exiting the scene. The killer had stayed in the AC vent and went out in the outfit of a forensic officer without anyone noticing. This episode was particularly memorable in terms of Rosa and Jake’s friendship after viewers saw Rosa looking out for Jake when the pressures of the job got to him.
In this episode, the viewers saw Jake and Amy’s father investigate a twenty-year-old bank robbery. This case was shown to be extremely important for Jake as he had been trying to get validation from Amy’s father.
Santiago was so sure that the Russo and sons robbed the bank as they had the blueprint to the building. However, they had an alibi, which was why the case went unsolved. It was only because Amy heard them arguing over the phone that Jake and Victor realized who the real culprit was. The daughter of Russo.
Jake and Terry had become huge fans of the novel series ‘Skyfire Cycle’ and were investigating a case filed by the author, DC Parlov. Parlov complained that someone has stolen his latest manuscript and is blackmailing him into giving five hundred thousand dollars to prevent releasing the novel.
Jake, Terry, and Rosa investigated the case as cosplayers and figured that the author is making up the story with a co-author to gain more attention. This was a particularly memorable storyline as it saw the detectives dressing up as the book’s iconic cosplayers to solve the mystery.
As many fans remember “Terry Kittens” had a storyline that showcased one of the most underrated friendships on the show. Jake and Terry’s. After Terry is sent a box load of kittens as a joke from his past precinct, Jake volunteers to help him solve that B&E case from his old times.
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While both Jake and Terry end up facing a few setbacks and get ridiculed by Terry’s past colleagues, they manage to get the breakthrough they need. How? All thanks to Jake’s extensive knowledge of sneakers with an old photo. Not only did this investigation helped save Terry’s face in front of his old colleagues but it also helped strengthen the trust and bond between the two.
After the serial killer, the Oolong Slayer, reappears after five years, Jake and Holt are determined to take him down. However, Jake and Holt are soon caught tight in a bind because of their superiors. As a result, they decided to work the case secretly with Gina.
Things got really worse as both of them were suspended for working on the case. While Holt wanted to quit, Jake refused to give up and followed the case to the end. After Jake realized that the killer was actually under their noses the entire time, he went to catch the suspect but was caught up at his gunpoint. Luckily, Holt had followed him and gained the upper hand on the killer to prevent Jake from getting hurt. Following this, Holt was reappointed as the Captain of the 99th precinct.
Sterling K. Brown made a guest appearance as a dentist in the critically acclaimed episode of Season five titled ‘The Box’. Jake and Holt were positive that Davidson had committed the murder of his partner but were unable to come up with any evidence. Jake and Holt spent the whole night in the interrogation room, but Davidson negated all claims made by them.
In the end, Jake got into Davidson’s head by creating a narrative that he got lucky at every turn. This annoyed the egoistic dentist, who impulsively told the officers how he killed his partner. Besides this being a perfect crime, Jake got into the head of the accused and got the truth out of him, which was quite brilliant.
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