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Craving to play Murder Mystery games?
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Roblox offers players a wide variety of games that extends to every genre. These games are generally inspired by famous series, anime, manga or other popular games. That said, players specifically looking to indulge in murder mystery Roblox games can try the below-mentioned titles.
The Mad Murderer is amongst the most popular mystery murder game available on the Roblox platform. It has over 21 million visits, making it one of the most played murder mystery games on Roblox. The game allows players to roleplay as a witness, sheriff or murderer, with each character having its own storyline.
The game is sure to terrify and scare any player that tries it. You are essentially stuck in a mine and have to solve brain-twisting puzzles to escape the daunting place. Furthermore, you also have to save yourself from the hoard of terrifying zombies that were once miners in the same area.
A bit different from the other games on the list, Imposter is a party game inspired by Among Us. However, unlike Among us, there are very few limitations in the game, making the overall experience exhilarating. Emergency meetings can be called at any game point, and imposters can continue to murder even if they get ejected.
The entire Murder Mystery lineup is known for its enticing gameplay and pesky brain teasers. You can either commit the crime and plan your escape or be the part of investigation team whose goal is to solve the issue. Each game in the Murder Mystery series is worth playing as there is a lot to unravel.

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