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Staying in over going out and wondering what to watch? Here are 24 of the best British thrillers to catch up on, for an adrenaline rush like no other.
It’s not only that HIIT class that’ll get you breaking a sweat from your living room – a thriller will also do. Some of the best TV shows around right now have an uncanny capacity to send our pulses racing, with murder, mayhem and mystery in the mix.
From new hits (Showtrial) to classics (The Fall), British TV does a fine line in crime shows: blending foolhardy detectives and evasive witnesses with a line-up of spectacularly evil leads. And, of course, it’s all dished up with a healthy dollop of chilling mind games, underwritten by nail-biting suspense. 
Here are just 24 of our favourites to catch up from the comfort of your couch.
Following one of the more famously known crime cases in British history, White House Farm is a truly suspenseful series. Whether you’re familiar with the case or not, the acting from cast members such as Freddie Fox (Worried About The Boy), Gemma Whelan (Game Of Thrones) and Stephen Graham (Line Of Duty) is such high calibre, it’ll leave you thinking about the case for days after watching.
Watch White House Farm on ITV Hub.
The female viewpoint of Channel 4’s Deceit is just one of the main reasons why we love this recently released crime drama. While the series chronicles the events surrounding a young woman’s murder – the devastating 1992 killing of Rachel Nickell – it does tell the story from the perspective of the undercover female officer (played by Niamh Algar) who took part in the controversial ‘honeytrap’, which was the crux of Operation Edzell.
Watch Deceit on All 4.
The Missing takes everyone’s worst nightmare – a child going missing – and weaves in a sizeable amount of mystery, drama and suspense. The anthology series follows French detective Julien Baptiste (played by Tchéky Karyo) as he looks for a missing English boy in France in the first series. 
In the second series, with BBC drama aficionado Keeley Hawes, Baptiste investigates a missing girl who returns to her English family in Germany but nothing everything is quite as clear cut as it seems. It’s brilliantly dark but, we promise, will leave you guessing up to the very last scene.
Watch The Missing on BBC iPlayer.
If you’re a fan of The Missing, chances are that you’ll love (and lap up) Baptiste. Following French detective Julien Baptiste (played by Tchéky Karyo), the two series follow Baptiste in a more personal, eye-opening manner compared to The Missing. We follow his personal struggles, his past and his bleak-looking future as he battles crime cases that appear to be much closer to home than first realised.
Watch Baptiste on BBC iPlayer.
Irish noir is not a TV term we hear regularly but Bloodlands proves why the genre needs to make more of a mark on our viewing habits.
In the east of Northern Ireland, police and divers are working hard to retrieve a car from the depths of Strangford Lough. And, when they finally manage to do so, they find what seems to be a suicide note inside.
It quickly becomes apparent, though, that this is far from an open-and-shut case. Because, when police detective Tom Brannick sees that note, he quickly connects it to an infamous cold case with enormous personal significance.
Bloodlands follows his dogged hunt for a legendary assassin, an explosive cat-and-mouse game where the stakes have never been higher,” promises the BBC.
Watch Bloodlands on BBC iPlayer.
This heart-racing BBC drama mainly takes place in a submarine and honestly, the close confines really do add to the overall pressure and tension of the series. Vigil is high-octane and equally as addictive to watch. But we could expect nothing less from a drama that comes from the same producers as Line Of Duty, right?
“The deeper you go, the darker it gets,” the synopsis reads. “When a sailor is found dead on submarine HMS Vigil, DCI Silva uncovers a conspiracy.”
Watch Vigil on BBC iPlayer.
From the producers of beloved dramas Line Of Duty, Bodyguard and Vigil, Showtrial is BBC’s latest twisted drama forcing us to question ‘who did it?’ and ‘who can we trust?’. You know, just the usual stuff we love from a British crime drama.
Showtrial follows the high-profile fictional court case of millionaire heiress Talitha Campbell (Bridgerton’s Celine Buckens) and her solicitor Cleo Roberts (The Originals’ Tracy Ifeachor). Set in the present day, Talitha stands accused of the conspiracy to commit murder. Rather than rely on her father’s fortunes and flashy legal team, she opts for the on-duty solicitor provided by the courts, Cleo. What transpires is a media frenzy, a lot of questions and an ending full of questions.
Watch Showtrial on BBC iPlayer.
Can you commit crimes and not remember? Marcella (played by Anna Friel) follows a tortured police detective who, alongside her brutal job, is dealing with her own personal demons, including violent blackouts. Exploring the dark places a person with dissociative identity disorder can be pushed by personal trauma and a taxing work life, if psychological nail-biters are your thing, make sure you don’t miss out.
Watch Marcella on ITV Hub.
Expect dark turns and shocking twists as Yorkshire police sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) comes to terms with her broken marriage, the suicide of her teenage daughter, Becky, and bringing up the young son that was a product of her rape.
Over two series, she battles keeping her family together, hunting a serial killer and an obsession with bringing the man who abused her daughter to justice.
Written by BAFTA award-winning Sally Wainwright, who also brought Gentleman Jack and Scott & Bailey to our screens, Cawood’s once-happy life is set to unravel even further in a ‘planned’ third series, though it’s not yet confirmed.
Watch Happy Valley on BBC iPlayer.
Informer questions whether who we really are is made up of our backgrounds, or our choices, past, present and future. In this gripping thriller, Raza, a young second-generation British Pakistani man is coerced into becoming an undercover informant by Gabe (Paddy Considine), a shady counterterrorism officer. When the seemingly casual job begins to compromise not only his own beliefs, but also the welfare of those he loves, Raza struggles to live his own life, as well as that of a police informant.
Watch Informer on BBC iPlayer.
In every case across Unforgotten’s four series, nothing is black and white. As London detectives DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) attempt to solve cold cases of disappearance and murder, they are confronted with unimaginable truths about the people around them, and themselves. Can we ever really know the people closest to us? Can we even ever really know ourselves?
Watch Unforgotten on ITV.
Just because a stranger is charming and well-dressed, it doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Set in the mid-1970s, The Serpent is based on the crimes of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who murdered young tourists traveling through Thailand. 
At the height of his crimes, a Dutch diplomat begins investigating the murders and uncovers clues leading to the elusive Sobhraj. Starring Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman, this epic game of cat and mouse involves switched identities and takes place across the globe. 
Watch The Serpent on BBC iPlayer.
What really goes on behind the closed doors of family life? That’s the question at the heart of this mesmerising four-part crime drama on Channel 4. When a doctor (David Tennant) loses his wife and three children in a mysterious house fire, no-one is beyond suspicion. As the fractures begin to show in a life that once appeared idyllic, the spotlight turns on Tennant, his late wife and their best-friend neighbours; policeman Steve (Matthew McNulty) and his girlfriend Jess (Cush Jumbo).  The darkness that lurks beneath us all takes centrestage in a story that commands edge-of-your-seat viewing.
Watch Deadwater Fell on All 4.
An unmissable series for those who love the creepier style of drama, The Fall centres on a serial killer (Jamie Dornan) who’s wreaking havoc upon the young women of Belfast – in a particularly horrible string of home murders. But the hunter is also being hunted, as a leading detective (Gillian Anderson) enters the fray, determined to find out who is breaking, entering and killing with intent. What follows is a tantalising chase, with each party ready to outsmart the other; though the killer must also keep up his appearance of an everyday family man.
Watch The Fall on BBC iPlayer.
A show that wins the award for feminist  thriller of the decade, Killing Eve will draw you in with its irresistible blend of comedy, courage and unhampered horror. Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is a deadly assassin who leaves a trail of mutilated bodies in her wake. But her Achilles Heel is Eve (Sandra Oh), the British intelligence officer charged with tracking her down. The two embark in a bloody game of cat-and-mouse, the boundaries of which are never entirely clear to a legion of captivated viewers. Fiona Shaw co-stars as Eve’s boss in a dark comedy-meets-crime drama that should be top of your watch list.
Watch Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer.
Season two of this excellent throwback series may have been cancelled – but that doesn’t make us any less addicted to round one of the show. Jumping between a 20-year timeline of Manchester drug raves and Ibizan party culture, the series follows the story of bereaved sister Zoe (Laura Haddock), as she visits the Balearic Island to find out what happened to her sibling Axel (Tom Rhys Harries) – a wannabe DJ who vanished on the island in seriously shady circumstances two decades prior. Cue: hedonism, cocaine and sun-dappled violence aplenty. Plus some excellent retro ‘90s vibes.
Watch White Lines on Netflix.
A happily married father of two finds his life in turmoil after a stranger tells him a devastating secret about his wife. This adaptation of Harlan Coben’s bestselling thriller relocates the story from the States to suburban Manchester. The stranger in question (played by Hannah John-Kamen) is intent on exposing a series of scandalous lies – but how many people must die as a result? A gripping whodunnit told by an excellent cast, including Downton Abbey’s Siobhan Finneran and Jennifer Saunders in her debut drama role.
Watch The Stranger on Netflix.
OCG and AFO: you’ll want to get all your police acronyms in a row for this smash-hit BBC police drama from Jed Mercurio. Line of Duty steps inside the murky world of AC-12, an anti-corruption police investigation unit where nothing is as it seems. Martin Compston and Vicky McClure play the detectives responsible for busting crime rings operating from within the police force: a mission that often takes them undercover – with the constant risk of being exposed. Now heading into series six, this is the twisty thriller gift that keeps on giving.
Watch Line of Duty on BBC iPlayer.
This drama has enjoyed a three-season run on ITV – but most fans would agree that the first series is the best. A world-weary investigator (David Tennant) joins forces with a local detective (Olivia Coleman) when the body of a boy appears on a beach one morning, sending shockwaves through a close-knit coastal community. Who is responsible, and who’s covering their tracks? Each new turn will keep you guessing in this compulsively watchable drama. Season two of Broadchurch continues with the case, while the third series focuses on the aftermath of a disturbing sexual assault
Watch Broadchurch on the ITV Hub.
An overwhelmed new mother and her apparently perfect husband suffer an awful tragedy as they relocate to Australia from the UK – but suffice to say, all is not as it appears. Jenna Coleman stars in this hard-hitting drama based on the book of the same name by Helen FitzGerald. Expect an insider look at the impact of abuse and coercive control
Watch The Cry on BBC iPlayer.
Another hit from Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio, Bodyguard follows a troubled war veteran (Richard Madden) who is assigned to protect a high-ranking MP (Keeley Hawes) who may be the target of a terror plot. Personal and professional worlds collide in an unbearably tense plot that combines international politics with a side serving of morality and intrigue. Who is being their true self – and who is using a facade? 
Watch Bodyguard on BBC iPlayer.
Luther is the kind of addictive crime series you can watch time and again. Fast-paced and gritty, it delves into the world of workaholic detective John (the brilliant Idris Elba) and his surreal relationship with psychopathic killer Alice (Ruth Wilson) – amid a spate of other dark and disturbing cases that play out in London’s criminal underworld. Running to five series in full, the award-winning drama is shocking, and compulsively watchable.
Watch Luther on BBC iPlayer.
This critically acclaimed crime series offers a fresh new take on the police procedural – each episode plays out in the confines of a starkly-lit interrogation room, and follows a new narrative each time. Sophie Okonedo stars as a special witness and the wife of a man accused of multiple murders in the new season two of the drama, along with Sharon Horgan and Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington. A true psycho-drama, Criminal will get inside your head and stay there for weeks. 
Watch Criminal on Netflix.
An epic period drama that rolls back the clock to 1920s Birmingham, Peaky Blinders revolves around one of the city’s most notorious criminal gangs. Mastermind Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is the swaggering gangster boss at the heart of a lawless operation designed to build an empire, with sidekicks played by Helen McCrory, Joe Cole and Paul Anderson. A stylish and powerful series with a welcome dash of historical intrigue.
Watch Peaky Blinders on BBC iPlayer.
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